The Best Body Moisturizer

THIS ONE! Announcing that this is THE ONE! I felt in love from the first use. Why?

Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer ir super moisturizing, leaves the skin baby soft, velvety and smelling just amazing! The scent is fresh lemon not sweet but pretty strong. If you are not a lover of citrusy scents this may not work for you because the scent is really strong. Strong enough to leave my whole room full of this smell. When I apply it in the morning and then come back home in the evening I still can feel it slightly in my room. But it doesn`t mean that you are going to smell lemons like crazy. On the skin it is that strong only in first minutes, later it fades and you can smell it only if you are actually smelling the skin close. 

The most amazing thing about this moisturizer is that it leaves skin conditioned for a really long time, I would say 24 hours. So it is perfect if you have a dry skin or your skin is just drier in the winter season. The texture is light and runny, soaks in the skin within a minute. Try to imagine imagine a deep conditioner for your hair and a light textured cream/gel for your face and think the same about this moisturizer. Got that feeling?

Also, what first caught my eye was actually the name of a product "moisturizer". I think I`ve never seen moisturizers for the body. Only lotions, butters, oils etc. This is something different and definitely the best I have found so far for my body care.

My skin never felt so great and thanks to this amazing product!

The only down side is that it runs out pretty quick and is quite pricey. Even though you don`t need a huge amount to apply for the whole body. Also what I probably have to mention that it`s absolutely not suitable for travelling. The amount of the product is alright (contains 145 ml) but it`s in a heavy glass bottle with no cap and the pump is not steady. Anyways I love the packaging itself how luxurious it feels and sits on a drawer.

See you!


Classic Pink Makeup

Hello guys,

I filmed one of my favourite looks, you can watch it here:

I prefer videos more rather than writing a post how to achieve any kind of makeup look. I think it`s more informative this way, what do you think?



Rimmel Moisture Renew 'Notting Hill Nude'

I was switching up my bag for more winter appropriate one and at the bottom I found this new Rimmel reformulated lipstick in 'Notting Hill Nude' (moisture renew number 720):

It`s such a beautiful nude which is not concealer-like and erasing lips from the face. Not too pale pink, too brown, too orange. On light skintones this shade appears more of the brownish side, doesn`t wash out while for deeper skintones it`s more of a pink/coral but both ways really slightly. So it`s an universal colour, neutral so will suit many different skin tones.
The texture is creamy, has a natural shiny finish (reminds me of a lip balm), gives medium colour pay off, very moisturising so great for dry lips. It doesn`t smudge, stays in place but it`s not very long lasting. I tend to reapply it in every 2 hours.
I would use with along with dark smokey eyes when I don`t want any colour but defined natural looking lips.

Here it is in the natural evening light:

Swatches with my all time favourite drugstore nude by Catrice:

On my lips:

Next to 'Adorable' by Chanel and 'Angel' by MAC:

See you!


Gothy & Vampy Fall Look

Here is my blury portrait. I have been experimenting a lot lately with dark, sutry colours. This look is not really my cup of tea but why not to try something new? Inspired by The Cure music (which I looooved being younger).

Products used:

  • Bourjois healthy Mix Serum foundation in 52
  • MAC Pro Long Wear concealer in NW20
  • MAC eyebrow pencil in Lingering
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette shade in Bootycall
  • Inglot eyeshadows in 325, 452
  • Chanel Precision eye definer in 37 Demoniac
  • Chanel Sublime mascara in black
  • NARS blush in Sin
  • Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107

See you!


Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

After hearing so many girls raving about this foundation I thought I`ll give it a try. I`ve picked up a shade 52 which is the second lightest one.

Short info about my skin:
  • Combination/Oily/Quite sensitive
  • Frequent blemishes
  • Cool-toned
  • Fair/light

This foundation definetely has yellow undertones which are not intended for cool-toned girls but the reason I don`t mind it is redness on my face. It`s naturally rosy and reacts to changing weather conditions (or indoor temperature) quite quickly and turns into more red. Also the shade is fine not only for reducing overall redness but also blemishes.

Here are some swatches:

My opinion on this foundation (I`ve been trying it out for the past month):

It`s sheer. You can try building it up but is not that buildable to cover huge blemishes or
 pumping spots. It wil reduce redness and will make them more invisible but will not cover them up totally. So anyways, a concealer is needed. Also - it`s not covering dark circles under the eyes or purple veiny lids, so keep that in mind if you have any of these conditions.

It`s a light weight foundation suitable for everyday - it evens out the skintone, looks invisible and natural. Has a semi matte finish but my combination skin gets oily in an hour so I always use a setting mattyfing powder. But it`s not a big deal for me because I haven`t found a foundation which keeps me matte for the whole day yet.

Lasting power: it tends to wear off at the end of a day. Can slide off from blemish areas. I would say for combination/oily girls a setting power is necessary.

Overall: Healthy mix serum is a good natural foundation for everyday look when skin is in a good condition days. Texture is very easy to work with both brush and fingers, good quality for reasonable price. Keep in mind that it doesn`t last for the whole day if you have a combination/oily skin so you will need to touch up. 

See you!


Sleek Storm palette review + autumn makeup

Yeah now I`m really sure how good my blog name fits me. Anyways, no apologies, let`s go straight to the Sleek palette because it`s gorgeous.

I have this palette for a while already (around 4 months) and I have used it quite a lot so I have a strong opinion already. I`ll try to keep it short and to the point.

First of all I love this palette because it`s suitable for many skin tones, it`s really versatile and neutral. No shocking colours so classic colours lovers like me would really enjoy it.
Secondly, the PIGMENTATION. Oh my, it`s unbelievable how pigmented it is considering the price tag! I was always quite sceptical when it comes to drugstore eyeshadows maybe because I had troubles in the past. Now I see the market is really changing and you really can get amazingly pigmented shadows for a fair price.
Coming back to the palette, another point is colour payoff - again, very very good and opaque. I found that only matte shades (which are 3 here) are not that pigmented and you have to work a little bit more with them but it`s still ok.
Another great thing is that these shadows last the whole day. I had days when literally I was out for 8-9 hours and the whole time my eye makeup was in place without reapplying. Only at the end of a day I started noticing some creasing (I don`t wear base for shadows) but that`s normal especially when you have quite oily lids like I do.
The last thing is price - I paid 10 eur, I know that the price differs in some countries so normally you can get this palette from 7 to 12 eur. You get 12 shadows where 9 are shimmery ones and 3 matte.

Here I`m adding a close-up view, swatches in normal and flash light.

Here is my everyday makeup look for the autumn using a Storm palette. Actually it works well for both daytime and nightime looks. It`s great when you are all day at school/university/work and you know that in the evening you are going out but you have no time for reapplying or carrying all your makeup around. On my lips I`m wearing 'Captive' (satin finish) by MAC.  

Which is your favourite Sleek palette?


Review: Nars Foreplay Palette

I wanted to do a review on this NARS palette for such a long time but these past months were very intense for me. University & working stuff, lots of writing work, also the joys of summer - travelling, swimming pools, music festivals, laziness etc. Now when I have more free time I hope I will make more reviews on makeup products which I bought quite a lot these recently.

So here it is - a Foreplay palette, which contains the cult product - 'Orgasm' blush and 3 more components which according to NARS is an actual composition of 'Orgasm' blush.The design of packaging is the same like other NARS blushes. About size I would say it`s 1,5 times bigger than a normal NARS blush packaging (comparing to my 'Sin' blush). This palette contains 10 g of products all together and a single blush contains 4.8 g.

So inside we get 3 blushes: as I mentioned one of them is the original 'Orgasm' and the other 2 are matte shades which have no names but other bloggers are refering them to 'Amour' and 'Mata Hari' and one yellow with golden glitter highlighter. 

The close look:

The biggest pan is a well-known 'Orgasm' - it`s a warm peachy-pink with a gold shimmer. I have never owned 'Orgasm' so this palette for me this is a great 2in1.

Above the 'Orgasm' we have a highlighter which is a super gold looking with quite big flakes of glitter. I think it`s fitting mostly for deeper skin tones. Girls who have fair/light skin (me also) I think should use it very carefully and with a light hand to avoid overdoing.

On the left side there are 2 matte shades - corally red and cool-toned almost neon pink. They both are my favourites from the palette because not only being matte (which I personally prefer more) but also because they complement my skin tone amazingly. I think these two are great and universal for all skintones, like the beloved 'Orgasm'.

Here I am adding some swatches:


I highly recommend this 'Foreplay' palette to all who are fans of NARS blushes or for those who are looking for a nice blush set from which you can get out a lot of use. The quality is the same as in all NARS blushes - amazing, they are smooth on the skin, not cakey, very highly pigmented so you need just a tiny bit of the product, the staying power is just great - for me NARS blushes go 8 hours without reaplying (and I have oily skin!). I think NARS blushes are one of the best in the market and at least for me they are the best and a holy grail.

Another question is if to buy this palette if you already have 'Orgasm' - that`s a little bit tricky. I would say yes because I love matte shades but another important thing which must be considered is the size of each pan. The biggest complain about this palette as far as I heard - is that matte shades and a highlighter are just in too small pans and it`s hard to use with bigger brushes. It`s really a personal thing - for me these sizes are absolutely fine because I am a fan of small face brushes, I like precision. But if you are used to bigger ones - this palette could be a little problematic to use.

Have a great evening,


How to be happy (10 ways to stay positive)

I always thought that for being happy you have to really work on that. It`s like a car- once you start it runs till the fuel is over. Then you need to fill the tank and drive again. The same with our happiness - if you are not treating it well, not "feeding" that feeling yourself - you are stopping. And sometimes those stops can take too much and be too hard to restart everything over.

Remember that we all sometimes have bad days, feeling down and sad. You are not alone.  But don`t make those days to last too much - sadness is normal but it must be limited. And you are the one who is going to decide when you want to be happy again.

Here is the list (the order is random) of things which I think are really important. Take into account that this is personal, individual for everyone and I am not a psychologist. Also, this is not a recipe of happiness but could be a starting point for your own search. To be this effective - be free and "throw out" those numbers to which you are not agreeing and take only those ones which are close to your viewpoint. Let´s get started:

1. Let yourself be. Do not judge yourself, for example – you consider yourself as fat and every time after eating you think that you are the worst person ever and that you are the only one who can`t control yourself so you are not worth that new dress you like, to have a boyfriend etc. Stop here. Recognize yourself – yes, I am a little bit big. Or maybe very big.  But I am letting myself be. It`s me, I am letting myself free from my thoughts. Or another example – you are jealous for something and you think that you shouldn`t be like that. Accept yourself – yes, I am jealous. So what? It is me and this is how I am, I was made or I have chosen to be like like that. But I am not going to judge myself because of this, I am free and I accept my body and who I am and I am letting myself be.

This step is very important – you have to be comfortable with yourself and accept yourself no matter what. We all do have bad things. And it is normal - we have a right and we all live, nobody is kicking us out of the life because of bad things we are having. We have to accept who we are, this is the way we are and the way we will be. So why to waste time judging ourselves? No, it is better just to let ourselves be with who we are – easily, calmly and satisfied.

2. Try not to be in an environment where are negative emotions. We people being social like to belong to some groups, be in need. When you are around people with negative emotions - it is likely that quite quickly you will identify yourself with this group of bad emotions. For example - people who are always coming to complain to you about their lives. Don`t let them to do this! You are not a rubbish bin. Or if it`s impossible to avoid those situations - at least try not to take everything what was said into yourself.

Try to be in an environment of successful people or people who are happy and like to share happiness with others. This is going to inspire you seeing good examples and understanding that if they can - why I can`t?

3. Be a little bit egoistic. If you consider yourself as a person who is usually more giving than receiving - stop and think for a second. Be a part of your own kindness. Don`t give everything for other especially if you are not sure if that person is going to value that. Value yourself. Don’t think it´s selfish. For example make yourself a little surprise - say to yourself a compliment "I look sexy with those jeans because they fit me perfectly". Appreciate what you took from this day - say thanks to yourself if you learned something new. The person who is loving herself/himself will be always loved by others too. Because love attracts people.

4. Volunteer. I can ensure you that volunteer work will always bring you satisfaction which will blow your bad thoughts away. Being volunteer means being needed, means changing and creating. You will be occupied doing good work which will not let you think only about yourself and how bad you are doing. You won`t have time for that and you will realize that you can do much more than you could expected from yourself.

5. Listen to your inside voice not moment emotions. If you are feeling bad don`t put immediately yourself a title saying "miserable". Be sure that this is not your moment emotions talking, try to put them always and ask really inside yourself - how are you feeling inside? Analyze your feelings.

6. Go out more often. Because sitting at home and thinking about your problems is not going to solve them. On the contrary – it´s going to make them more “sharper” and deeper. Even if you don´t have anyone you would like to go out – there must be someone, trust me. You just don´t see them. Call your school/college/university/co-worker/neighbour/whoever you found on your phone list and ask to go out for a coffee. Shouldn´t be that hard. Have a small talk, conversation about anything very special, ask how others are doing – these chats are really cleaning the mind if you manage to show interest on someone that you really care. People like that, this way you are creating a bound, you are opening your view. It is making you to understand that the world is bigger and there is not only you and your problem(s).

 If you really think you don’t have anyone to call – look for some activities you would like to join (classes, yoga, discussion clubs etc). Soon you will make new friends (or just the people to go out somewhere). Or try a volunteer work (look nr. 4).

7. Make yourself laugh.  Even if you feel like crying – try to laugh. Watch funny video on youtube (for example people falling; ok that’s rude but really funny though). Or another great method is just to force yourself to laugh. You could look silly for yourself, stupid – but you know - it’s working. Because you start laughing for real from this stupid situation trying to force yourself laugh. Think about your problem positively – for example, you failed a job interview. Take this situation on your hands, feel how you can modify it and instead of judging yourself about what you said or didn´t say – try to laugh. Take it easy – at this moment while you are reading this article thousands of people around the world are failing their job interviews. And so what? Sooner or later you will find something but now – take it easy, stay positive and the most important – relax and keep on moving.

8. Make a list of your goals. Including short like daily ones and long-term goals of your life. For some people even waking up today and making themselves a breakfast is costing a lot of energy. It is very important to go out of a chaos mode, put yourself a little bit in order. So try to make a list – what are your short goals and then later you can add long-term ones. For example, the first list could look like this: 1. Clean the house 2. Go grocery shopping. 3. Review my CV. Make yourself a mission – today I will complete all what´s on my list (or if you have a long one then pick 5 random ones) and at the end of a day cross them out. This method will give you a feeling that you are doing something, that you are not waiting anymore and you will feel satisfaction. Besides, it´s a really fun way to start yourself moving from the “STOP position”. You will see how much actually you can do in one day and that you can do even more!

9. Eat tasty and colourful food, drink water and be outside. Spend time for preparing yourself food. Make something tasty you like and put nicely on the plate. Make a colourful salad (or a cake if you prefer!), eat slowly, enjoying, if you don´t like eating alone – call a friend to join you. Truth is that our mood is affected a lot from the colours around us. If it´s a rainy grey day – add colours to your food. Make a balance. Our view, what we see is in a direct contact with a brain part which is responsable  for our psychical health. So cheat it a little bit!
Drink as much water as you can – not because water is the most important for a living but also because water fills our cells, makes our body happy and in a result of this – happy mind too. Psychological studies even link depression or anxiety disorders to body dehydration. Well think about it – 85% of our brain is water.  When the cells are dehydrated we are getting nervous, so calm those nerves down by drinking 8 glasses of water everyday! It´s easy to get used to it and once you´re used to – it´s becoming a lifetime habit.
Go outside everyday for at least 30 minutes. Doesn´t matter if it´s sunny or raining, snowing, hot or cold – go outside for a walk. Take fresh air, it´s cleaning our head. Our eyes need to see a view changing – not only the walls of our flats. Our ears need to hear the outside noises – the best, of course, are from the nature but city noises make our body to react also; it´s activating.

10. Don´t take your family or friend problems as if they were yours. Some people especially those who usually are more sensitive without noticing are identifying themselves to the family members or friends. It´s fine and absolutely normal to feel sad about them or be worried but not to take their problems to yourself. For example, your sister has low self-esteem, she is never successful with boys, never finding a job, having eating disorder etc. Be a good sister/brother/friend – support her, offer a help, show and give your love and care, be when she needs you. But never take her problems like they were yours – remember we all have our own way, you are not responsible of your sister´s/father´s/mother´s/friend´s life. You have to keep and protect your bonds with them but we all have our own path which we are creating. We are responsible of ourselves and only us, we are choosing. So love them but let them be and let them choose. You choose your own and you have all your rights here. And don´t judge yourself because of their own mistakes.

In my opinion the most important thing to keep in mind all the time is to understand that you and only you are a creator of your life. You are your healer of yourself and you are the opener of the paths in your life. Remember that you can be strong and you can deal with yourself, just don´t close your eyes and show love to your mind and body, value yourself. Respect what was given to you and that you are responsable for your own well-being. And it´s true – everyday is beautiful and full of surprises you need to discover.

Thanks for reading.



My Makeup Essentials

  • Eyeliners - "Earthline" by MAC and nr. 22 by Artdeco
  • Eyebrow pencil - "Lingering" by MAC
  • Foundation - "Teint Idole Ultra 24h" by Lancome. Shade 20.
  • Pressed powder - "Poudre Universelle" by Chanel. Shade "Translucent 2".
  • Eye shadow palette - "Naked 2" by Urban Decay
  • Highlighter - "Amber Diamond" by Dior
  • Lipstick - "Sheer Candy" by YSL. Shade 06 Mouthwatering Berry.
  • Blush - "Sin" by Nars
  • Mascara - "Sublime" by Chanel
  • Concealer - "Pro Longwear" by MAC in NW 20.
  • Lip balm - Carmex
  • Hand cream - L`Occitane Rose edition

*** in this picture I added Rouge Allure Laque in "75 Dragon" by Chanel which is my favourite red lip colour!


My favourite Summer of 2013 Makeup Collections

Hey there!

Just wanted to share my favourite collections for this 2013 summer!

Dior "Bird of Paradise":

Chanel L`ette Papillon:

Lancome Aquatic Summer:

Tom Ford Beauty Summer:

Summer this year goes into ocean blues and greens, except Tom Ford`s collection which is juicy bronze and fresh wet looking. We see pastels like in previous spring collections but this time pastels are more adventurous and experimenting. Those collections remind me mermaids and mysterious water tales, calling to go and explore the depths of the ocean. The most interesting things for me are the new mascaras from Chanel and Lancome because I`m in search for a new one. Tom Ford`s collection is also stunning, like Tom Ford said himself that with this collection he wants to mark the beauty of the woman`s skin in the sunset - glowy and sensual. Well, just look at that skin illuminator! Isn`t it gorgeous? 




It`s time for nails!

I have decided to renew my nailpolish collection by adding new colours. Here are the things I`ve picked up:

- Yves Saint Laurent nailpolish in 17 (Diamant Rose), this one really got my eye with shimmering particles which look like little stars in the sky. Pale rose colour is one of the classic colours of nailpolishes and matches my skin tone very well (I have a rosy pale skin and it`s hard to find pinks which are not washing me out).

-OPI in I Don`t Give a Rotterdam - it`s a bluish-grey colour with some shimmer silver flecks in it. I can say it`s very unique colour, really eye-catching. Dreamy, reminds me bright spring`s sky.

-Sally Hansen Double Duty Base&Top Coat - I was recommended this by sales woman but when I read reviews starded to have doubts. People are saying that this one dries ages and I hate that, probably have to reconsider returning it. Has anyone tried this and can comment and help me to make my mind?

Adding another picture of YSL nailpolish, to see better the most beautiful shimmer:

What are your choices for spring nailpolish colours?



Last rainy day

- Gianfranco Ferre thin wool coat
- Zara blouse
- Zara burgundy lace pants
- Martinelli ankle boots
- Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Natasha leather bag



Inspiration: Ellie Saab dresses spring/summer 2013

Ellie Saab dresses have always been one of my favourites - luxurious looking, femenine, fairy-tale`ish, super romantic, mysterious and taking breath away. This spring/summer collection is just mind-blowing with its dreamy elegance, pastel colours, sparkles, femenine character. Here are my favourites:



Trying out: Yves Rocher


I always wanted to give a try to this brand but never did because I am quite skeptical about the whole "natural cosmetic" thing. Generally I don`t think it`s a bad thing but most of the "natural" things I tried out - didn`t work for me. And finally is just my personal opinion -  I believe that natural cosmetics really can`t do that much as unnatural does. And the whole naturalism fashion is a little bit overrated and not that innocent that it can look from the first sight.

Nevertheless, few weeks ago I got 2 products to try:

- Sebo Specific Ultra Matt Shine Reducing Moisturizer - this cream is suppose to hydrate and keep the skin matte the whole day. Good things about it - it really moistures the skin very well, it`s not greasy of sticky, the smell is amazing. BUT I feel like it`s not really sinking into my skin and the worst thing is that it`s not keeping me matte at all! I would say that my skin looks even more greasy after this. So the only way I see myself using it - applying for the night to moisture my skin and washing off very good in the mornings. This product has very contradictory reviews - for some girls it`s a really good oil-stoping products, for others - even causing breakouts. My personal opinion - it`s just fine as moisturiser but I won`t be buying it again, you can find other better options for the same price.

-Repairing Balm For Dry Ends - this one is a hair product for dry ends. Surprisingly, this one really worked for me! You need just a little amount of the product, it looks very light weight but in the same way very "pigmented" (if you can say that about hair products haha). Leaves the hair vell-treated, not greasy, sinks into the hair very quickly, soothes them. I haven`t noticed any broken ends during past 2 weeks, yet I feel my hair way more "alive" (and I`ve always had my hair very dry). Also, as I said it`s light, so great for everyday use. Recommending!

Have you tried any of Yves Rocher products? Any recomendations?

With love,


My haircare - favourite Kerastase products

I have to admit that I am a little bit haircare freak. I`ve been always buying and searching for the new products while the old ones were sitting in the bathroom barely touched. Later, I have decided that instead of spending my money on 3 different hair oils, I should choose only one - more expensive but from a brand I trust. So this is how Kerastase came to me and almost conquired my bathroom shelves becoming the most important part of my haircare.

As you can see from the picture the most of the products are from Chroma Riche line. I have to warn you that I never dye my hair (and this line is supposed to be for dyed hair to maintain the colour) BUT the main reason why I prefer this line - the work amazingly perfect for me.Mainly because I have fine and curly hair which almost all of the times means that the hair is more dry than straight ones. And I do have very dry hair. Don`t be afraid to use products which are for dyed hair when you have natural ones - they will moisturise your hair better.

Resistance Double Force Hairspray - I was recommended by the hairdresser to buy this but it`s not really working for me. The mist is light, natural looking, not overweighting my fine hair which others are usually doing - making my hair heavy and plastic looking. But it has no staying power! At least, for me. I like curling my hair with a curling wand and with this spray the hair stays around 3 hours. Later it gets messy curly look like I naturally have, almost no difference, the curls are going down. Not worth the price at all.

- Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo - good shampoo, gentle for the scalp, little amount leaves hair super clean. One bottle lasts just forever, so worth to invest money because for me regular shampoos are running out 3 times quicker. Heard that some girls found out this shampoo drying but for me it`s perfect even using every day.   

- Elixir Ultime with Moringa Immortel - this oil is for damaged hair - if you are dying, highlighting, blow drying your hair or it just was afffected by negative conditions from environment - this is a perfect product for you. I ordered it basically because I have dry, fine curly hair, which I am blow drying every morning. This oil really helps me to moisten my hair, leaves them shiny, untangled and well-groomed looking. For me the smell is very pleasant but it`s strong, so check it first if you don`t like strongly scented products. 

- Chroma Thermique - this is absolutely my favourite product from the whole Chroma line! It is basically a heat protector but sometimes I am even using it without any heat machines. It leaves hair just so extremely soft, not frizzy, even lift the hair up! The light texture is very concentrated so just little amount works fine with a bit longer than shoulder lenght. Will repurchase again and again.

- Chroma Riche Masque - this mask I am using around 1-2 times a week for deep moisturising. After this treatment I feel how my hair condition is changing and I feel "well - protected" during the whole week. I feel it`s more easier to model my hair, it looks shiny and healthy, my natural curls are becoming more manageable. 

Which Kerastase products are your favourites? What recommendations you can give for a dry curly hair?

See you,



Lazy late lunch - Chicken salad with Strawberries

The food is so important to me. I love eating, I love enjoy while I am eating, I love going to the new restaurants in places all over the world and especially I love cooking at home.

For me doesn`t matter how starving I am but if I have idea to cook something for the lunch or dinner - I will wait starving but I will cook that thing first. It`s very important for me to eat nice food which I like, so I can spend lots of time preparing that. Also, everything on the plate has to look attractively, so I care a lot about how it looks. I have even a theory that a good looking food is cheering you up, getting all the bad mood away and helps to stay with a smile upon your face for the rest of a day. It`s like a self-helping spell or meditation, however you call it.

So last day I got back from work very starving but I ivented this in my head on the way back:

It`s very tasty, fresh, light and EASY to make!

If you are interested, here is a recipe (for 2 persons):

- Chicken breasts (I used 2 quite big ones but depends)
- Strawberries
- Feta cheese (I used a regular one and an another one with herbs)
- Iceberg salad
- Mixture of various salads you like (rucula is my favourite!)

Dressing (all amouts depend from a personal choice):

- 5 table spoons of virgen extra olive oil
- 2 table spoons or natural yogurt (or mayonnaise)
- 1 tea spoon of mustard sauce with seeds
- 1 tea spoon of black currant jam
- 1 tea spoon of Modena balsamic vinegar (optional)
- sesam seeds

1. Fry chicken breasts chopped in cubes on the pan with a little bit of olive oil and salt. Leave the chicken to cool down.
2. Put all the salad leaves in a bowl, add cubes of feta cheese and pieces of strawberries.
3. Add on top of the salad cooled chicken cubes.
4. Take a glass and put all the ingredients for the salad dressing and mix them together.
5. Pour the dressing all over the salad and IT`S DONE!

P.S. In the picture you can see little snacks I prepared next to the salad. Those are Finn Crisps (or you can use any similar thin and sliced bread) with a little bit of Philadelphia cheese on top and green olives, some oregano.

On the plate:

Enjoy every piece of life!



What`s in my makeup bag

I have always loved to sneak a peek into other girls makeup bags, it`s very funny! I believe that you can learn a little bit about someone`s personality this way and of course - to get new ideas for your daily use. So I decided to show mines too.

Those are the products which I`m caring almost everyday in my bag:
  • Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy in colour 05 Mouthwatering Berry
  • Chanel Universal Compact Powder in shade 20
  • L`Occitane hand cream with a scent of roses
  • L`Occitane Green Tea solid perfume
  • Carmex lip balm
  • Dior Serum de Rouge in colour 760 Rapberry
  • Chanel Rouge Allure in colour 70 Adorable
  • Sephora roll-on blush brush
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in share 52
  • Makeup bag is from Turkey, a gift from my mom

    Are you caring any of those products? How do you like them?



Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Starter Kit

The kit was created by professional makeup artist and a blogger who is also making making video tutorials on youtube by te name "pixiwoo" (here is the channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo).

This set comes with 5 brushes for eyes and a case to keep them. Firstly, I love the case - it`s very confort, you can fold it and make it to stand while you are using brushes. The brushes are made completely cruelty-free, very soft ones and good quality but I found them a little bit tricky to use and here you will see my explanation. 

In the kit we can find:

  •  (1) Base shadow brush - this one is my favourite of all of them, takes the right amount of the shadow and sets it beautifully on the lid.
  •  (2) Deluxe shadow brush - a big contouring, blending brush. Everything would be alright with it but I find it too big and effordless, it`s not that precise for the smoky eyes look as well but for daily use it`s just perfect - helps a lot to achieve a nice look quick and well-groomed. 
  • (3) Pixel-point eyeliner brush - this brush is the least favourite of mine, generally I think it`s quite useless - first of all that it`s very big and I can`t imagine how it`s possible to create a fine and precise line, even if you like thick ones - it would be hard to work with it. The only way of using it I see as a lipstick brush but still it`s a little bit too small for that.  
  • (4) Accent brush - I use it to make a dramatic smoky eyes look for the evening and it works very well with that, anyways for me it could be slightly bigger but it`s only my personal wish.
  •  (5) Brow brush - another brush which I am not using. In the picture the angle of this brush is a bit different I didn`t notice that it was turned to one side but this brush is really too big for eyebrows. It does just a messy work.

    Here are the close picture of all brushes:

In general, I am not sure if I would buy this set, because let`s say 2 and a half brushes are quite useless. I don`t think that it`s a good kit for begginers because you have to have a light hand with them and work slow and concentrated which I always find as a weakness because I don`t like spending too much time doing my makeup with those brushes if I can do it more quickly with others. And especially it`s hard in the morning when the time is limited and there is no time "for playing". Nevertheless the quality of those brushes is a way better than we are actually paying, there are two really good brushes in this set which are totally worth to buy so if you have spare money - give this set a try.

Have a nice day,