Chanel cream shadow in Ebloui vs Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate

Here is the comparison about which I talked in my previous post.


First of all - I cannot agree that Metallic Pomegranate could be a dupe for Ebloui by Chanel. I would call this colour "an alternative" to Ebloui but they are not the same.
The important thing is that probably I was unlucky and got the damaged Ebloui. I bought it last summer and now it`s already impossible to use. When I opened the pot the eyeshadow was already dry and not creamy. After few months of using it it dried out completely. I read that some girls were also complaining that Chanel cream shadows are tend to dry but I am not sure about all of them because I didn`t buy more of them just because I wasn`t sure that the others are not going to dry. Nevertheless I have always adored this collection of Chanel cream shadows but my try to use one was dissapointing and now I have doubts about it.

Then later I saw those Maybelline Colour Tattoo eye shadows and noticed Metallic Pomegranate. I was looking for reddish/burgundy brown eyeshadow to change my Chanel one and help my green eyes to pop.


Ebloui is a warm burgundy brown berryish colour with lots of individual quite big sparkles.
Metallic Pomegranate is more metallic berry purple and the goldish shimmer in it is even, no individual sparkles but when appliend on the skin, gives more sparkling look.

Here are swatches on my hand in different lighting:


I am not sure how not dried cream Ebloui would be looking swatched on hand but it is how it is and you can compare the colours. I am trying to be fair but my points go to Metallic Pomegranate. I would love Ebloui a lot and put it in my favourite eyeshadows top 3 list but I just can`t because ir really dissapointed me and with that amount of money I could invest in another product. Maybe in the future I will have confidence to buy a new Ebloui which is just gorgeous but now I am using Metallic Pomegranate which is very pretty colour and so far a very good alternative for me.

In the end of taking pictures here what happened to the poor Ebloui:

Have you also had problems with Chanel cream shadows drying thing?

Good luck,


My current obsession: Maybelline 24 h Colour Tattoo


Maybelline 24 Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows is not the new thing in the market but I tried them only few months ago. Before starting to review them I want to mark that before reviewing any product I am trying it first for couple of weeks to see how it works in different conditions - time of the day, staying power etc. Also for longer term - how my skin reacts to it, how much product I need to take to get the look and how economic or not the product is. I like talking about the first impression also but I find more important to spend more time and analyze the product completely and give my opinion. That`s why in the pictures the colours are already touched.

I got 4 shades (from left side up): Barely Baked, On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe and Metallic Pomegranate.
In this post I am going to review the first 3 and I will make the new post-comparison between Metallic Pomegranate and Ebloui by Chanel.

Before starting I want to tell that those shadows I am using almost everyday in combination with others I have. They go perfect along with Chanel, Dior, Urban Decay and others. That already gives good points for colour tattoos because means that the quality of them is not disappointing at all comparing to high end brands. I am an absoute eyeshadow lover and always picking them very carefully. Not because that for me eyeshadow is the most important thing in my daily makeup routine but also that I have quite oily eyelids what requires a good staying power and non-creasing.

Here I am adding the pictures:

Barely Branded - a nude champagne colour with some shimmer. It is one of my favourite colours to use as a base. It brightens up the look, the texture is creamy, very easy to use only with a finger. It is from a limited edition so now quite hard to find. Nevertheless this shade is very similar to Barely Beige which came out in 2012 autumn collection. Actually colours are that similar when swatched and it`s hard to tell which one is which. Actually I don`t see the point creating another the same one but oh well maybe for some people they can work differently. Anyway, the colour is hard to get (I found mine on ebay) but absolutely gorgeous and worth to have.

On and On Bronze - cool-toned bronze with an intense gold-like shimmer. I am using it normally to create a night time smokey eye look. The colour is super creamy and easy to build. Sometimes I am using only a little amount, just to create a wash of colour on my lids. The shade is really gorgeous but despite that I fin it a little bit to shimmery for me but just because I prefer more less shimmery colours.

Permanent Taupe - also a cool-toned greyish neutral matte colour. My absolutely favourite one. Great to use with any combination of shadows as a base or just some colour for daily use. Probably the most easiest colour to combine and experiment, good building-up as well. Definetely suitable for all skin tones, all eye colours.

Conclusion: Maybelline 24 h Colour Tattoos come in glass pots, many people are comparing them to MAC paint pots. I have never owned any of paint pots but I tried them at the MAC stores. Actually I holded myself from buying them because I found Colour Tattoos which worked very good on me, so that saves pretty nice amount of money. Of course, the rage of colours is uncomparably limited. The lasting power is very good also - as I said sometimes my eyelids get oily in the end of a day but I`m never using any primer because with just a base shadow works fine. As I said before, sometimes I get my eyelids oily in the end of a day and in those moments Colour Tattoo start a little bit creasing but normally not. I think that girls with oily eyelids should definetely use an eyeshadow primer before applying those shadows.

How do you guys find those eyeshadows to use?

See you!


New items (MAC, Benefit)

Hey guys,

It`s always hard not to step by to sephora when you are crossing it just in front of the door. It`s nice to come in to check for the things you did research on or just the get a sniff of the perfume you have always adored. And what happens most of the times that you are not leaving without something because new lipstick shade from the new Dior collection is just something you are seeing for the first time in your life (of course I`m not telling that actually at home you have hundreds of the similar lipstick shades haha).

But if you can make yourself a little surprise or just a greeting to yourself for achieving someting, completing your task for which you worked a lot - why to stop yourself. And that`s true, getting what you have always wanted brings you smile and just makes you feel better.

So the recent things that I got are those:


- Benefit Bronzing & Highlighting duo "10"
- MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW 20
- MAC eyebrow pencil in "Lingering"

Benefit "10"
I have a cool-toned fair skin (usually wear number 20 in terms of foundations), combination (oily T-zone) and I was looking for a nice bronzer so the benefit`s one really caught my eye. I have already tried it and I loved it so much! Fits my skin perfect, the brown is not orange but you have to apply it with light hand because you can overdue it. The highlighter is super pretty pale rose toned and settles down on the face very subtly and gives a fresh girlish look. I prefer it more than my Dior`s Amber Diamond because that one I find a little bit orangy and too much shimmering. The brush which comes in a set is also nice, I found it easy to use which makes this powder a really great deal.

Here a the close pictures taken with flash and without:


Mac Prolong Concealer
I found it by chance when I came to buy an eyebrow pencil, I was adviced by the selling lady for my dark under eye area. She tried this on me and it totally changed my whole face - now I`m using it every day, it blends perfectly, I look like wearing nothing on my face, very natural which I`m always looking for. Covering is very high, stays on the whole day doesn`t matter in what conditions (active outside or passive indoor). Unexpected purchase but I`m the most happiest about it. Highly recommending for girls who have dark circles under the eyes. But be careful choosing the colour - I heard that with some shades you can be mistaken - for example NW30 is not always fitting girls who are wearing the same shade in other products. With the pump you also have to be careful - lots of girls are finding it hard to use because of controlling the amount of the product which is going out. A little push can provoke lots of product to waste.
! My tip for controlling this pump is to hold the bottle in the hand using the palm and four fingers and push the pump very slightly with your thumb. This way you can absolute control the amount of the product you want to get.

Here are the close pictures how it blends into the skin:


MAC eyebrow pencil in "Lingering"
This pencil is my holy grail in everday`s make-up routine, it`s the second one I`m getting, it works just perfect on me, I couldn`t find anything better than this. I tried many different shades of this pencil but only "Lingering" I found fitting me. "Fling" was almost not noticible on me despite I know some girls with dark brows wearing it (which is surprise for me), "Spiked" is a way too dark and fitting more for girls with dark brows.
This pencil fills in brows amazingly good without looking unnatural. Perfect fit to my hair and skin tone, I can make it strong when I want to go more dramatic or really settled down just for everyday use. Easy to fix the shape of the eyebrows, create the arch and make the eyebrow longer and thicker. I know that I will buy it over and over again.

Here are my eyebrows only with a little bit of Lingering pencil, usually I use a way more:

Hope it was helpful!

See you soon,




Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup Collection and Makeup Trends

To start talking about new trends for this spring/summer 2013 season, let`s take a look what the makeup dictator Chanel (the reason why I have chosen Chanel is very simple - it`s my all time favourite makeup brand) has created for its collection. This is going to help to notice which colour groups and shades they are using in order not to get lost while picking new items for your makeup bag or just to get inspired how you could renew your usual look.

This season Chanel is offering beautiful pastels with some flash of hot pink which is going to be very popular this season. The star of this collection is absolutely gorgeous  highlighter which looks like a magnificient piece of art. It`s very pigmented, the colour is a mixture of soft milk and warm peach. One notice - this product is from limited edition, so hurry up Chanel lovers!
There are also 6 shades of lipsticks which 2 of them are bright matte colours and the rest are new for the Rouge Allure collection - synthesis of beige, nude, soft rose and a new version of a plum which is still keeping positions from the past autumn/winter 2013 collections. Along with lipsticks we have matching lip glosses and lip pencils which are nothing really new I would say.
The colours of nail polishes are quite "clasical" - it`s nude and burgundy, which goes along with a new modern hot pink.
My absolutely favourite in this collection is a new eye shadow quad which contains from soft sand to plumish/coffee brown along with perfect nude. This set is for all natural colour lovers and ideal for creating a soft day-time smoky eye look.
Also Chanel offers us 3 shades of waterproof eye pencils and the last but not least item in this collection is peachy-coral blush which gives a very healthy warm colour to the skin.

Makeup trends for spring/summer 2013: 
  •  Eye brows - boyish and very filed-in leaving the face neutral or combined with bright mostly reddish lips leaving eyes and skin natural looking. 

  • Lips - matte, bright, modern with big flash of bright colour - the most trendy this season is hot pink but you can improvise with other colours like orange or red.

  • Eyes - blue came back! The biggest trend this season is bright blue eye liner or blue eyeshadows, no fear to expirement with this colour - makeup artist say big YES! Can be changed to any of bright colours - pink, purple, orange - any you like.

  • Lashes - big, long, feminine, opening the look and very dark. Catching the attention and sophisticated.

  • 60s makeup - a real classic, both day and night versions. Matte skin, filled-in brows, matte lips - nude or red, nude or black eyeliner.

  • Metallic eyes -  brave, modern look with glitter and shimmer. Again, using bright colours and shocking the crowd.

    We can see that new spring/summer 2013 trend is mixing classic with modern bright unusual colours look. The space for creativity is left for both sides - romantic souls who love classical and neutral look and city citizens who are not afraid to express themselves and always looking for new adventures. Nevertheless, this new trend is not separating both looks - if you want to make your classic look more modern - just take a bright lipstick or an eye liner and with a little amount you can give yourself abeautiful modern look but not breaking the romantic spirit. I call it "alternative romance".

    What is your opinion about the new trend? More positive or negative sides? 

    See you soon,




Fekkai Luscious Curls Conditioner

Hey guys,

Today on LazyBlueSundays I would like to review one hair care product which is my new obssesion in daily hair care routine. I saw it when the last time I stepped by in Sephora and decided to give it a try because have heard girls raving about it already a long time ago.

Fekkai is a brand by Frederic Fekkai, a French hair master stylist, working with many celebrities. His first hair care collection went out in 1995 and now it`s popular and well-selled all around 40 different countries in the world.

So I`ve picked up a conditioner from the "Luscious curls" line which is basically made for girls with natural curly hair, which I have. As it is saying in the descrition - the product is supposed to detangle frizzly hair, give them a defined smooth look, hydrate the hair and save from frizzing during the whole day. Also, it contains a honey nectar and ginseng which I personally couldn`t smell but expecting that thay are working on my hair invisibly. Actually, about the smell I have to note that I am not really liking it and it`s quite annoying for me. Too strong  and reminds a little bit the smell of a loft. Well maybe it`s just me.

Besides the smell, this product is just amazing! I have curly, tangly, dry and frizzy hair, girls with curly hair will understand me. I was quite sceptical about this because for me - all the conditioners more or less are good in the first hours after the washing but during the day they get frizzy and tangly again. Surprisingly, this product is not one of those at all. I am using it almost two weeks now and I can really tell that my hair is keeping in a very good condition during the whole day in terms of getting tangly. Also they are leaving soft and smooth, easy to brush and stays like that all day! So far I am impressed.

My personal rate is 8/10, just because of the smell which I really dislike and also it`s a little bit pricey (in Europe one bottle of 236 ml retails around 22 eur).

How did you like this product? What you guys could  suggest for a tangly hair?

See you, have a good night!