My haircare - favourite Kerastase products

I have to admit that I am a little bit haircare freak. I`ve been always buying and searching for the new products while the old ones were sitting in the bathroom barely touched. Later, I have decided that instead of spending my money on 3 different hair oils, I should choose only one - more expensive but from a brand I trust. So this is how Kerastase came to me and almost conquired my bathroom shelves becoming the most important part of my haircare.

As you can see from the picture the most of the products are from Chroma Riche line. I have to warn you that I never dye my hair (and this line is supposed to be for dyed hair to maintain the colour) BUT the main reason why I prefer this line - the work amazingly perfect for me.Mainly because I have fine and curly hair which almost all of the times means that the hair is more dry than straight ones. And I do have very dry hair. Don`t be afraid to use products which are for dyed hair when you have natural ones - they will moisturise your hair better.

Resistance Double Force Hairspray - I was recommended by the hairdresser to buy this but it`s not really working for me. The mist is light, natural looking, not overweighting my fine hair which others are usually doing - making my hair heavy and plastic looking. But it has no staying power! At least, for me. I like curling my hair with a curling wand and with this spray the hair stays around 3 hours. Later it gets messy curly look like I naturally have, almost no difference, the curls are going down. Not worth the price at all.

- Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo - good shampoo, gentle for the scalp, little amount leaves hair super clean. One bottle lasts just forever, so worth to invest money because for me regular shampoos are running out 3 times quicker. Heard that some girls found out this shampoo drying but for me it`s perfect even using every day.   

- Elixir Ultime with Moringa Immortel - this oil is for damaged hair - if you are dying, highlighting, blow drying your hair or it just was afffected by negative conditions from environment - this is a perfect product for you. I ordered it basically because I have dry, fine curly hair, which I am blow drying every morning. This oil really helps me to moisten my hair, leaves them shiny, untangled and well-groomed looking. For me the smell is very pleasant but it`s strong, so check it first if you don`t like strongly scented products. 

- Chroma Thermique - this is absolutely my favourite product from the whole Chroma line! It is basically a heat protector but sometimes I am even using it without any heat machines. It leaves hair just so extremely soft, not frizzy, even lift the hair up! The light texture is very concentrated so just little amount works fine with a bit longer than shoulder lenght. Will repurchase again and again.

- Chroma Riche Masque - this mask I am using around 1-2 times a week for deep moisturising. After this treatment I feel how my hair condition is changing and I feel "well - protected" during the whole week. I feel it`s more easier to model my hair, it looks shiny and healthy, my natural curls are becoming more manageable. 

Which Kerastase products are your favourites? What recommendations you can give for a dry curly hair?

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