Trying out: Yves Rocher


I always wanted to give a try to this brand but never did because I am quite skeptical about the whole "natural cosmetic" thing. Generally I don`t think it`s a bad thing but most of the "natural" things I tried out - didn`t work for me. And finally is just my personal opinion -  I believe that natural cosmetics really can`t do that much as unnatural does. And the whole naturalism fashion is a little bit overrated and not that innocent that it can look from the first sight.

Nevertheless, few weeks ago I got 2 products to try:

- Sebo Specific Ultra Matt Shine Reducing Moisturizer - this cream is suppose to hydrate and keep the skin matte the whole day. Good things about it - it really moistures the skin very well, it`s not greasy of sticky, the smell is amazing. BUT I feel like it`s not really sinking into my skin and the worst thing is that it`s not keeping me matte at all! I would say that my skin looks even more greasy after this. So the only way I see myself using it - applying for the night to moisture my skin and washing off very good in the mornings. This product has very contradictory reviews - for some girls it`s a really good oil-stoping products, for others - even causing breakouts. My personal opinion - it`s just fine as moisturiser but I won`t be buying it again, you can find other better options for the same price.

-Repairing Balm For Dry Ends - this one is a hair product for dry ends. Surprisingly, this one really worked for me! You need just a little amount of the product, it looks very light weight but in the same way very "pigmented" (if you can say that about hair products haha). Leaves the hair vell-treated, not greasy, sinks into the hair very quickly, soothes them. I haven`t noticed any broken ends during past 2 weeks, yet I feel my hair way more "alive" (and I`ve always had my hair very dry). Also, as I said it`s light, so great for everyday use. Recommending!

Have you tried any of Yves Rocher products? Any recomendations?

With love,

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