Sleek Storm palette review + autumn makeup

Yeah now I`m really sure how good my blog name fits me. Anyways, no apologies, let`s go straight to the Sleek palette because it`s gorgeous.

I have this palette for a while already (around 4 months) and I have used it quite a lot so I have a strong opinion already. I`ll try to keep it short and to the point.

First of all I love this palette because it`s suitable for many skin tones, it`s really versatile and neutral. No shocking colours so classic colours lovers like me would really enjoy it.
Secondly, the PIGMENTATION. Oh my, it`s unbelievable how pigmented it is considering the price tag! I was always quite sceptical when it comes to drugstore eyeshadows maybe because I had troubles in the past. Now I see the market is really changing and you really can get amazingly pigmented shadows for a fair price.
Coming back to the palette, another point is colour payoff - again, very very good and opaque. I found that only matte shades (which are 3 here) are not that pigmented and you have to work a little bit more with them but it`s still ok.
Another great thing is that these shadows last the whole day. I had days when literally I was out for 8-9 hours and the whole time my eye makeup was in place without reapplying. Only at the end of a day I started noticing some creasing (I don`t wear base for shadows) but that`s normal especially when you have quite oily lids like I do.
The last thing is price - I paid 10 eur, I know that the price differs in some countries so normally you can get this palette from 7 to 12 eur. You get 12 shadows where 9 are shimmery ones and 3 matte.

Here I`m adding a close-up view, swatches in normal and flash light.

Here is my everyday makeup look for the autumn using a Storm palette. Actually it works well for both daytime and nightime looks. It`s great when you are all day at school/university/work and you know that in the evening you are going out but you have no time for reapplying or carrying all your makeup around. On my lips I`m wearing 'Captive' (satin finish) by MAC.  

Which is your favourite Sleek palette?