Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Starter Kit

The kit was created by professional makeup artist and a blogger who is also making making video tutorials on youtube by te name "pixiwoo" (here is the channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo).

This set comes with 5 brushes for eyes and a case to keep them. Firstly, I love the case - it`s very confort, you can fold it and make it to stand while you are using brushes. The brushes are made completely cruelty-free, very soft ones and good quality but I found them a little bit tricky to use and here you will see my explanation. 

In the kit we can find:

  •  (1) Base shadow brush - this one is my favourite of all of them, takes the right amount of the shadow and sets it beautifully on the lid.
  •  (2) Deluxe shadow brush - a big contouring, blending brush. Everything would be alright with it but I find it too big and effordless, it`s not that precise for the smoky eyes look as well but for daily use it`s just perfect - helps a lot to achieve a nice look quick and well-groomed. 
  • (3) Pixel-point eyeliner brush - this brush is the least favourite of mine, generally I think it`s quite useless - first of all that it`s very big and I can`t imagine how it`s possible to create a fine and precise line, even if you like thick ones - it would be hard to work with it. The only way of using it I see as a lipstick brush but still it`s a little bit too small for that.  
  • (4) Accent brush - I use it to make a dramatic smoky eyes look for the evening and it works very well with that, anyways for me it could be slightly bigger but it`s only my personal wish.
  •  (5) Brow brush - another brush which I am not using. In the picture the angle of this brush is a bit different I didn`t notice that it was turned to one side but this brush is really too big for eyebrows. It does just a messy work.

    Here are the close picture of all brushes:

In general, I am not sure if I would buy this set, because let`s say 2 and a half brushes are quite useless. I don`t think that it`s a good kit for begginers because you have to have a light hand with them and work slow and concentrated which I always find as a weakness because I don`t like spending too much time doing my makeup with those brushes if I can do it more quickly with others. And especially it`s hard in the morning when the time is limited and there is no time "for playing". Nevertheless the quality of those brushes is a way better than we are actually paying, there are two really good brushes in this set which are totally worth to buy so if you have spare money - give this set a try.

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