Review: Nars Foreplay Palette

I wanted to do a review on this NARS palette for such a long time but these past months were very intense for me. University & working stuff, lots of writing work, also the joys of summer - travelling, swimming pools, music festivals, laziness etc. Now when I have more free time I hope I will make more reviews on makeup products which I bought quite a lot these recently.

So here it is - a Foreplay palette, which contains the cult product - 'Orgasm' blush and 3 more components which according to NARS is an actual composition of 'Orgasm' blush.The design of packaging is the same like other NARS blushes. About size I would say it`s 1,5 times bigger than a normal NARS blush packaging (comparing to my 'Sin' blush). This palette contains 10 g of products all together and a single blush contains 4.8 g.

So inside we get 3 blushes: as I mentioned one of them is the original 'Orgasm' and the other 2 are matte shades which have no names but other bloggers are refering them to 'Amour' and 'Mata Hari' and one yellow with golden glitter highlighter. 

The close look:

The biggest pan is a well-known 'Orgasm' - it`s a warm peachy-pink with a gold shimmer. I have never owned 'Orgasm' so this palette for me this is a great 2in1.

Above the 'Orgasm' we have a highlighter which is a super gold looking with quite big flakes of glitter. I think it`s fitting mostly for deeper skin tones. Girls who have fair/light skin (me also) I think should use it very carefully and with a light hand to avoid overdoing.

On the left side there are 2 matte shades - corally red and cool-toned almost neon pink. They both are my favourites from the palette because not only being matte (which I personally prefer more) but also because they complement my skin tone amazingly. I think these two are great and universal for all skintones, like the beloved 'Orgasm'.

Here I am adding some swatches:


I highly recommend this 'Foreplay' palette to all who are fans of NARS blushes or for those who are looking for a nice blush set from which you can get out a lot of use. The quality is the same as in all NARS blushes - amazing, they are smooth on the skin, not cakey, very highly pigmented so you need just a tiny bit of the product, the staying power is just great - for me NARS blushes go 8 hours without reaplying (and I have oily skin!). I think NARS blushes are one of the best in the market and at least for me they are the best and a holy grail.

Another question is if to buy this palette if you already have 'Orgasm' - that`s a little bit tricky. I would say yes because I love matte shades but another important thing which must be considered is the size of each pan. The biggest complain about this palette as far as I heard - is that matte shades and a highlighter are just in too small pans and it`s hard to use with bigger brushes. It`s really a personal thing - for me these sizes are absolutely fine because I am a fan of small face brushes, I like precision. But if you are used to bigger ones - this palette could be a little problematic to use.

Have a great evening,