Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

After hearing so many girls raving about this foundation I thought I`ll give it a try. I`ve picked up a shade 52 which is the second lightest one.

Short info about my skin:
  • Combination/Oily/Quite sensitive
  • Frequent blemishes
  • Cool-toned
  • Fair/light

This foundation definetely has yellow undertones which are not intended for cool-toned girls but the reason I don`t mind it is redness on my face. It`s naturally rosy and reacts to changing weather conditions (or indoor temperature) quite quickly and turns into more red. Also the shade is fine not only for reducing overall redness but also blemishes.

Here are some swatches:

My opinion on this foundation (I`ve been trying it out for the past month):

It`s sheer. You can try building it up but is not that buildable to cover huge blemishes or
 pumping spots. It wil reduce redness and will make them more invisible but will not cover them up totally. So anyways, a concealer is needed. Also - it`s not covering dark circles under the eyes or purple veiny lids, so keep that in mind if you have any of these conditions.

It`s a light weight foundation suitable for everyday - it evens out the skintone, looks invisible and natural. Has a semi matte finish but my combination skin gets oily in an hour so I always use a setting mattyfing powder. But it`s not a big deal for me because I haven`t found a foundation which keeps me matte for the whole day yet.

Lasting power: it tends to wear off at the end of a day. Can slide off from blemish areas. I would say for combination/oily girls a setting power is necessary.

Overall: Healthy mix serum is a good natural foundation for everyday look when skin is in a good condition days. Texture is very easy to work with both brush and fingers, good quality for reasonable price. Keep in mind that it doesn`t last for the whole day if you have a combination/oily skin so you will need to touch up. 

See you!


  1. Glad you're liking this! I found the application and texture to be lovely, but it just didn't last on my oily skin.



  2. I agree with you! I like this a lot too, but it slides around my face so badly..