Last rainy day

- Gianfranco Ferre thin wool coat
- Zara blouse
- Zara burgundy lace pants
- Martinelli ankle boots
- Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Natasha leather bag



Inspiration: Ellie Saab dresses spring/summer 2013

Ellie Saab dresses have always been one of my favourites - luxurious looking, femenine, fairy-tale`ish, super romantic, mysterious and taking breath away. This spring/summer collection is just mind-blowing with its dreamy elegance, pastel colours, sparkles, femenine character. Here are my favourites:



Trying out: Yves Rocher


I always wanted to give a try to this brand but never did because I am quite skeptical about the whole "natural cosmetic" thing. Generally I don`t think it`s a bad thing but most of the "natural" things I tried out - didn`t work for me. And finally is just my personal opinion -  I believe that natural cosmetics really can`t do that much as unnatural does. And the whole naturalism fashion is a little bit overrated and not that innocent that it can look from the first sight.

Nevertheless, few weeks ago I got 2 products to try:

- Sebo Specific Ultra Matt Shine Reducing Moisturizer - this cream is suppose to hydrate and keep the skin matte the whole day. Good things about it - it really moistures the skin very well, it`s not greasy of sticky, the smell is amazing. BUT I feel like it`s not really sinking into my skin and the worst thing is that it`s not keeping me matte at all! I would say that my skin looks even more greasy after this. So the only way I see myself using it - applying for the night to moisture my skin and washing off very good in the mornings. This product has very contradictory reviews - for some girls it`s a really good oil-stoping products, for others - even causing breakouts. My personal opinion - it`s just fine as moisturiser but I won`t be buying it again, you can find other better options for the same price.

-Repairing Balm For Dry Ends - this one is a hair product for dry ends. Surprisingly, this one really worked for me! You need just a little amount of the product, it looks very light weight but in the same way very "pigmented" (if you can say that about hair products haha). Leaves the hair vell-treated, not greasy, sinks into the hair very quickly, soothes them. I haven`t noticed any broken ends during past 2 weeks, yet I feel my hair way more "alive" (and I`ve always had my hair very dry). Also, as I said it`s light, so great for everyday use. Recommending!

Have you tried any of Yves Rocher products? Any recomendations?

With love,


My haircare - favourite Kerastase products

I have to admit that I am a little bit haircare freak. I`ve been always buying and searching for the new products while the old ones were sitting in the bathroom barely touched. Later, I have decided that instead of spending my money on 3 different hair oils, I should choose only one - more expensive but from a brand I trust. So this is how Kerastase came to me and almost conquired my bathroom shelves becoming the most important part of my haircare.

As you can see from the picture the most of the products are from Chroma Riche line. I have to warn you that I never dye my hair (and this line is supposed to be for dyed hair to maintain the colour) BUT the main reason why I prefer this line - the work amazingly perfect for me.Mainly because I have fine and curly hair which almost all of the times means that the hair is more dry than straight ones. And I do have very dry hair. Don`t be afraid to use products which are for dyed hair when you have natural ones - they will moisturise your hair better.

Resistance Double Force Hairspray - I was recommended by the hairdresser to buy this but it`s not really working for me. The mist is light, natural looking, not overweighting my fine hair which others are usually doing - making my hair heavy and plastic looking. But it has no staying power! At least, for me. I like curling my hair with a curling wand and with this spray the hair stays around 3 hours. Later it gets messy curly look like I naturally have, almost no difference, the curls are going down. Not worth the price at all.

- Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo - good shampoo, gentle for the scalp, little amount leaves hair super clean. One bottle lasts just forever, so worth to invest money because for me regular shampoos are running out 3 times quicker. Heard that some girls found out this shampoo drying but for me it`s perfect even using every day.   

- Elixir Ultime with Moringa Immortel - this oil is for damaged hair - if you are dying, highlighting, blow drying your hair or it just was afffected by negative conditions from environment - this is a perfect product for you. I ordered it basically because I have dry, fine curly hair, which I am blow drying every morning. This oil really helps me to moisten my hair, leaves them shiny, untangled and well-groomed looking. For me the smell is very pleasant but it`s strong, so check it first if you don`t like strongly scented products. 

- Chroma Thermique - this is absolutely my favourite product from the whole Chroma line! It is basically a heat protector but sometimes I am even using it without any heat machines. It leaves hair just so extremely soft, not frizzy, even lift the hair up! The light texture is very concentrated so just little amount works fine with a bit longer than shoulder lenght. Will repurchase again and again.

- Chroma Riche Masque - this mask I am using around 1-2 times a week for deep moisturising. After this treatment I feel how my hair condition is changing and I feel "well - protected" during the whole week. I feel it`s more easier to model my hair, it looks shiny and healthy, my natural curls are becoming more manageable. 

Which Kerastase products are your favourites? What recommendations you can give for a dry curly hair?

See you,



Lazy late lunch - Chicken salad with Strawberries

The food is so important to me. I love eating, I love enjoy while I am eating, I love going to the new restaurants in places all over the world and especially I love cooking at home.

For me doesn`t matter how starving I am but if I have idea to cook something for the lunch or dinner - I will wait starving but I will cook that thing first. It`s very important for me to eat nice food which I like, so I can spend lots of time preparing that. Also, everything on the plate has to look attractively, so I care a lot about how it looks. I have even a theory that a good looking food is cheering you up, getting all the bad mood away and helps to stay with a smile upon your face for the rest of a day. It`s like a self-helping spell or meditation, however you call it.

So last day I got back from work very starving but I ivented this in my head on the way back:

It`s very tasty, fresh, light and EASY to make!

If you are interested, here is a recipe (for 2 persons):

- Chicken breasts (I used 2 quite big ones but depends)
- Strawberries
- Feta cheese (I used a regular one and an another one with herbs)
- Iceberg salad
- Mixture of various salads you like (rucula is my favourite!)

Dressing (all amouts depend from a personal choice):

- 5 table spoons of virgen extra olive oil
- 2 table spoons or natural yogurt (or mayonnaise)
- 1 tea spoon of mustard sauce with seeds
- 1 tea spoon of black currant jam
- 1 tea spoon of Modena balsamic vinegar (optional)
- sesam seeds

1. Fry chicken breasts chopped in cubes on the pan with a little bit of olive oil and salt. Leave the chicken to cool down.
2. Put all the salad leaves in a bowl, add cubes of feta cheese and pieces of strawberries.
3. Add on top of the salad cooled chicken cubes.
4. Take a glass and put all the ingredients for the salad dressing and mix them together.
5. Pour the dressing all over the salad and IT`S DONE!

P.S. In the picture you can see little snacks I prepared next to the salad. Those are Finn Crisps (or you can use any similar thin and sliced bread) with a little bit of Philadelphia cheese on top and green olives, some oregano.

On the plate:

Enjoy every piece of life!



What`s in my makeup bag

I have always loved to sneak a peek into other girls makeup bags, it`s very funny! I believe that you can learn a little bit about someone`s personality this way and of course - to get new ideas for your daily use. So I decided to show mines too.

Those are the products which I`m caring almost everyday in my bag:
  • Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Sheer Candy in colour 05 Mouthwatering Berry
  • Chanel Universal Compact Powder in shade 20
  • L`Occitane hand cream with a scent of roses
  • L`Occitane Green Tea solid perfume
  • Carmex lip balm
  • Dior Serum de Rouge in colour 760 Rapberry
  • Chanel Rouge Allure in colour 70 Adorable
  • Sephora roll-on blush brush
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in share 52
  • Makeup bag is from Turkey, a gift from my mom

    Are you caring any of those products? How do you like them?



Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Starter Kit

The kit was created by professional makeup artist and a blogger who is also making making video tutorials on youtube by te name "pixiwoo" (here is the channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo).

This set comes with 5 brushes for eyes and a case to keep them. Firstly, I love the case - it`s very confort, you can fold it and make it to stand while you are using brushes. The brushes are made completely cruelty-free, very soft ones and good quality but I found them a little bit tricky to use and here you will see my explanation. 

In the kit we can find:

  •  (1) Base shadow brush - this one is my favourite of all of them, takes the right amount of the shadow and sets it beautifully on the lid.
  •  (2) Deluxe shadow brush - a big contouring, blending brush. Everything would be alright with it but I find it too big and effordless, it`s not that precise for the smoky eyes look as well but for daily use it`s just perfect - helps a lot to achieve a nice look quick and well-groomed. 
  • (3) Pixel-point eyeliner brush - this brush is the least favourite of mine, generally I think it`s quite useless - first of all that it`s very big and I can`t imagine how it`s possible to create a fine and precise line, even if you like thick ones - it would be hard to work with it. The only way of using it I see as a lipstick brush but still it`s a little bit too small for that.  
  • (4) Accent brush - I use it to make a dramatic smoky eyes look for the evening and it works very well with that, anyways for me it could be slightly bigger but it`s only my personal wish.
  •  (5) Brow brush - another brush which I am not using. In the picture the angle of this brush is a bit different I didn`t notice that it was turned to one side but this brush is really too big for eyebrows. It does just a messy work.

    Here are the close picture of all brushes:

In general, I am not sure if I would buy this set, because let`s say 2 and a half brushes are quite useless. I don`t think that it`s a good kit for begginers because you have to have a light hand with them and work slow and concentrated which I always find as a weakness because I don`t like spending too much time doing my makeup with those brushes if I can do it more quickly with others. And especially it`s hard in the morning when the time is limited and there is no time "for playing". Nevertheless the quality of those brushes is a way better than we are actually paying, there are two really good brushes in this set which are totally worth to buy so if you have spare money - give this set a try.

Have a nice day,



My spring colours (Chanel, Rimmel)

I was looking for a perfect peachy-pinky colour suitable for my skin for ages. Finally spontaniously without going to buy anything I ended buying a lipstick. Inspired by my success I also picked up a matching blush. I`ve heard many good things about Rimmel blushes so I decided to give it a try finally.

Those are my picks: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet "33 La Distinguee" and Rimmel "115 Mauve Cool":

- 33 La Distinguee by Chanel is a peach-pink colour, more to peachy side but we cannot completely call it "peach". The colour is quite warm but also neutral so it matches many skintones. The texture is rich, matte, gives a very glamorous look. I have quite dark (naturally reddish) lips so it`s always hard to choose light natural looking colours for the daytime because basically on my lips everything looks a way more darker than on a tube. I feel that La Distinguee kind of "neutralizes" my redness and gives a very light juicy colour, makes my face alive and youthful. I`ve read that some girls are finding Rouge Allure Velvet line quite drying but on my lips (which are the most of the time dry) feels moisturizing. The package is rhe same like the whole "Rouge Allure" line -  heavy and luxurious with golden details. Very chic and classic.

- 115 Mauve Cool by Rimmel is a peach-pink blush with sheen in it but no individual glitters which I dislike. Amazing match to the La Distiguee lipstick, colours are really similar. The blush is really pigmented, not as much as Nars blushes (with which you have to be careful not to overdo your face) so it`s a real plus for it. I am surprised that it stays on the face through the whole of a day. I apply it on the apples of the cheeks going up to the end of the brow, "drawing" a C letter and later with a clean fluffy brush blending it. The only disadvantages of the product are the brush and package - cheap and easy to break. But comparing to the price you are paying for a really good drugstore product - those things don`t bother that much.

Here are the close look pictures of the products:

Chanel Rouge Allure Velven in 33 La Distinguee (swatch in daylight and on my lips):

In combination with Rimmel 115 Mauve Cool:

In the end I want to show you my another favourite colour for the spring season which is pink, easy to wear and works with so many looks and outfits.

It`s Chanel Rouge Allure in 70 Adorable (in comparison with La Distinguee; the shade is also light neutral, going well with all skintones):

Which are your favourite shades for the spring season?

Good luck!