The Best Body Moisturizer

THIS ONE! Announcing that this is THE ONE! I felt in love from the first use. Why?

Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Moisturizer ir super moisturizing, leaves the skin baby soft, velvety and smelling just amazing! The scent is fresh lemon not sweet but pretty strong. If you are not a lover of citrusy scents this may not work for you because the scent is really strong. Strong enough to leave my whole room full of this smell. When I apply it in the morning and then come back home in the evening I still can feel it slightly in my room. But it doesn`t mean that you are going to smell lemons like crazy. On the skin it is that strong only in first minutes, later it fades and you can smell it only if you are actually smelling the skin close. 

The most amazing thing about this moisturizer is that it leaves skin conditioned for a really long time, I would say 24 hours. So it is perfect if you have a dry skin or your skin is just drier in the winter season. The texture is light and runny, soaks in the skin within a minute. Try to imagine imagine a deep conditioner for your hair and a light textured cream/gel for your face and think the same about this moisturizer. Got that feeling?

Also, what first caught my eye was actually the name of a product "moisturizer". I think I`ve never seen moisturizers for the body. Only lotions, butters, oils etc. This is something different and definitely the best I have found so far for my body care.

My skin never felt so great and thanks to this amazing product!

The only down side is that it runs out pretty quick and is quite pricey. Even though you don`t need a huge amount to apply for the whole body. Also what I probably have to mention that it`s absolutely not suitable for travelling. The amount of the product is alright (contains 145 ml) but it`s in a heavy glass bottle with no cap and the pump is not steady. Anyways I love the packaging itself how luxurious it feels and sits on a drawer.

See you!


Classic Pink Makeup

Hello guys,

I filmed one of my favourite looks, you can watch it here:

I prefer videos more rather than writing a post how to achieve any kind of makeup look. I think it`s more informative this way, what do you think?



Rimmel Moisture Renew 'Notting Hill Nude'

I was switching up my bag for more winter appropriate one and at the bottom I found this new Rimmel reformulated lipstick in 'Notting Hill Nude' (moisture renew number 720):

It`s such a beautiful nude which is not concealer-like and erasing lips from the face. Not too pale pink, too brown, too orange. On light skintones this shade appears more of the brownish side, doesn`t wash out while for deeper skintones it`s more of a pink/coral but both ways really slightly. So it`s an universal colour, neutral so will suit many different skin tones.
The texture is creamy, has a natural shiny finish (reminds me of a lip balm), gives medium colour pay off, very moisturising so great for dry lips. It doesn`t smudge, stays in place but it`s not very long lasting. I tend to reapply it in every 2 hours.
I would use with along with dark smokey eyes when I don`t want any colour but defined natural looking lips.

Here it is in the natural evening light:

Swatches with my all time favourite drugstore nude by Catrice:

On my lips:

Next to 'Adorable' by Chanel and 'Angel' by MAC:

See you!