Sleek Storm palette review + autumn makeup

Yeah now I`m really sure how good my blog name fits me. Anyways, no apologies, let`s go straight to the Sleek palette because it`s gorgeous.

I have this palette for a while already (around 4 months) and I have used it quite a lot so I have a strong opinion already. I`ll try to keep it short and to the point.

First of all I love this palette because it`s suitable for many skin tones, it`s really versatile and neutral. No shocking colours so classic colours lovers like me would really enjoy it.
Secondly, the PIGMENTATION. Oh my, it`s unbelievable how pigmented it is considering the price tag! I was always quite sceptical when it comes to drugstore eyeshadows maybe because I had troubles in the past. Now I see the market is really changing and you really can get amazingly pigmented shadows for a fair price.
Coming back to the palette, another point is colour payoff - again, very very good and opaque. I found that only matte shades (which are 3 here) are not that pigmented and you have to work a little bit more with them but it`s still ok.
Another great thing is that these shadows last the whole day. I had days when literally I was out for 8-9 hours and the whole time my eye makeup was in place without reapplying. Only at the end of a day I started noticing some creasing (I don`t wear base for shadows) but that`s normal especially when you have quite oily lids like I do.
The last thing is price - I paid 10 eur, I know that the price differs in some countries so normally you can get this palette from 7 to 12 eur. You get 12 shadows where 9 are shimmery ones and 3 matte.

Here I`m adding a close-up view, swatches in normal and flash light.

Here is my everyday makeup look for the autumn using a Storm palette. Actually it works well for both daytime and nightime looks. It`s great when you are all day at school/university/work and you know that in the evening you are going out but you have no time for reapplying or carrying all your makeup around. On my lips I`m wearing 'Captive' (satin finish) by MAC.  

Which is your favourite Sleek palette?


  1. Really top notch and thorough review. Love the swatches, and of course the gorgeous eye look you created.


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  4. Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous :) don't own anything from Sleek yet but I really want to. I want to try the blushes and eyeshadows :)
    Maddy xxx


  5. Your blog is lovely! I have followed you xx


  6. Wow looks great! Perfect for putting on different styles of make-up! And you look so pretty too <3 :)

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  7. you look pretty, dear :)
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  8. great make up you look stunning

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  9. Gorgeous eye colours :) Love this look :)

  10. Hallo liebes & danke für deinen kommi :)
    Die make up palette sieht echt toll aus :)

    LG Tanja ♥

  11. I have and really like this palette, but I haven't used it very much because they didn't last very long on me. I think I probably didn't use a primer so I will give them another try.

    The only other drugstore eye shadows I've found that work are Revlon's ColourStay range. Those are quite good value for money.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


  12. I LOVE Sleek, need to try this! http://britishmermaid.blogspot.co.uk/

  13. Wow you are so pretty! I love sleek too, I always use it :)

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  14. Beautiful swatches I really want this palette!!

  15. You look Beautiful :) great post and lovely blog and thank you so much for the kind words you left on my blog


  16. never used their stuff but this looks lovely!

    xx fameliquorlove

  17. Ooh, love how rich and pigmented these shades are! So wish we had access to Sleek here in Toronto. What a beautiful look you've created with the palette :)