My spring colours (Chanel, Rimmel)

I was looking for a perfect peachy-pinky colour suitable for my skin for ages. Finally spontaniously without going to buy anything I ended buying a lipstick. Inspired by my success I also picked up a matching blush. I`ve heard many good things about Rimmel blushes so I decided to give it a try finally.

Those are my picks: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet "33 La Distinguee" and Rimmel "115 Mauve Cool":

- 33 La Distinguee by Chanel is a peach-pink colour, more to peachy side but we cannot completely call it "peach". The colour is quite warm but also neutral so it matches many skintones. The texture is rich, matte, gives a very glamorous look. I have quite dark (naturally reddish) lips so it`s always hard to choose light natural looking colours for the daytime because basically on my lips everything looks a way more darker than on a tube. I feel that La Distinguee kind of "neutralizes" my redness and gives a very light juicy colour, makes my face alive and youthful. I`ve read that some girls are finding Rouge Allure Velvet line quite drying but on my lips (which are the most of the time dry) feels moisturizing. The package is rhe same like the whole "Rouge Allure" line -  heavy and luxurious with golden details. Very chic and classic.

- 115 Mauve Cool by Rimmel is a peach-pink blush with sheen in it but no individual glitters which I dislike. Amazing match to the La Distiguee lipstick, colours are really similar. The blush is really pigmented, not as much as Nars blushes (with which you have to be careful not to overdo your face) so it`s a real plus for it. I am surprised that it stays on the face through the whole of a day. I apply it on the apples of the cheeks going up to the end of the brow, "drawing" a C letter and later with a clean fluffy brush blending it. The only disadvantages of the product are the brush and package - cheap and easy to break. But comparing to the price you are paying for a really good drugstore product - those things don`t bother that much.

Here are the close look pictures of the products:

Chanel Rouge Allure Velven in 33 La Distinguee (swatch in daylight and on my lips):

In combination with Rimmel 115 Mauve Cool:

In the end I want to show you my another favourite colour for the spring season which is pink, easy to wear and works with so many looks and outfits.

It`s Chanel Rouge Allure in 70 Adorable (in comparison with La Distinguee; the shade is also light neutral, going well with all skintones):

Which are your favourite shades for the spring season?

Good luck!


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