Chanel cream shadow in Ebloui vs Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate

Here is the comparison about which I talked in my previous post.


First of all - I cannot agree that Metallic Pomegranate could be a dupe for Ebloui by Chanel. I would call this colour "an alternative" to Ebloui but they are not the same.
The important thing is that probably I was unlucky and got the damaged Ebloui. I bought it last summer and now it`s already impossible to use. When I opened the pot the eyeshadow was already dry and not creamy. After few months of using it it dried out completely. I read that some girls were also complaining that Chanel cream shadows are tend to dry but I am not sure about all of them because I didn`t buy more of them just because I wasn`t sure that the others are not going to dry. Nevertheless I have always adored this collection of Chanel cream shadows but my try to use one was dissapointing and now I have doubts about it.

Then later I saw those Maybelline Colour Tattoo eye shadows and noticed Metallic Pomegranate. I was looking for reddish/burgundy brown eyeshadow to change my Chanel one and help my green eyes to pop.


Ebloui is a warm burgundy brown berryish colour with lots of individual quite big sparkles.
Metallic Pomegranate is more metallic berry purple and the goldish shimmer in it is even, no individual sparkles but when appliend on the skin, gives more sparkling look.

Here are swatches on my hand in different lighting:


I am not sure how not dried cream Ebloui would be looking swatched on hand but it is how it is and you can compare the colours. I am trying to be fair but my points go to Metallic Pomegranate. I would love Ebloui a lot and put it in my favourite eyeshadows top 3 list but I just can`t because ir really dissapointed me and with that amount of money I could invest in another product. Maybe in the future I will have confidence to buy a new Ebloui which is just gorgeous but now I am using Metallic Pomegranate which is very pretty colour and so far a very good alternative for me.

In the end of taking pictures here what happened to the poor Ebloui:

Have you also had problems with Chanel cream shadows drying thing?

Good luck,


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