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It`s always hard not to step by to sephora when you are crossing it just in front of the door. It`s nice to come in to check for the things you did research on or just the get a sniff of the perfume you have always adored. And what happens most of the times that you are not leaving without something because new lipstick shade from the new Dior collection is just something you are seeing for the first time in your life (of course I`m not telling that actually at home you have hundreds of the similar lipstick shades haha).

But if you can make yourself a little surprise or just a greeting to yourself for achieving someting, completing your task for which you worked a lot - why to stop yourself. And that`s true, getting what you have always wanted brings you smile and just makes you feel better.

So the recent things that I got are those:


- Benefit Bronzing & Highlighting duo "10"
- MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW 20
- MAC eyebrow pencil in "Lingering"

Benefit "10"
I have a cool-toned fair skin (usually wear number 20 in terms of foundations), combination (oily T-zone) and I was looking for a nice bronzer so the benefit`s one really caught my eye. I have already tried it and I loved it so much! Fits my skin perfect, the brown is not orange but you have to apply it with light hand because you can overdue it. The highlighter is super pretty pale rose toned and settles down on the face very subtly and gives a fresh girlish look. I prefer it more than my Dior`s Amber Diamond because that one I find a little bit orangy and too much shimmering. The brush which comes in a set is also nice, I found it easy to use which makes this powder a really great deal.

Here a the close pictures taken with flash and without:


Mac Prolong Concealer
I found it by chance when I came to buy an eyebrow pencil, I was adviced by the selling lady for my dark under eye area. She tried this on me and it totally changed my whole face - now I`m using it every day, it blends perfectly, I look like wearing nothing on my face, very natural which I`m always looking for. Covering is very high, stays on the whole day doesn`t matter in what conditions (active outside or passive indoor). Unexpected purchase but I`m the most happiest about it. Highly recommending for girls who have dark circles under the eyes. But be careful choosing the colour - I heard that with some shades you can be mistaken - for example NW30 is not always fitting girls who are wearing the same shade in other products. With the pump you also have to be careful - lots of girls are finding it hard to use because of controlling the amount of the product which is going out. A little push can provoke lots of product to waste.
! My tip for controlling this pump is to hold the bottle in the hand using the palm and four fingers and push the pump very slightly with your thumb. This way you can absolute control the amount of the product you want to get.

Here are the close pictures how it blends into the skin:


MAC eyebrow pencil in "Lingering"
This pencil is my holy grail in everday`s make-up routine, it`s the second one I`m getting, it works just perfect on me, I couldn`t find anything better than this. I tried many different shades of this pencil but only "Lingering" I found fitting me. "Fling" was almost not noticible on me despite I know some girls with dark brows wearing it (which is surprise for me), "Spiked" is a way too dark and fitting more for girls with dark brows.
This pencil fills in brows amazingly good without looking unnatural. Perfect fit to my hair and skin tone, I can make it strong when I want to go more dramatic or really settled down just for everyday use. Easy to fix the shape of the eyebrows, create the arch and make the eyebrow longer and thicker. I know that I will buy it over and over again.

Here are my eyebrows only with a little bit of Lingering pencil, usually I use a way more:

Hope it was helpful!

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