Fekkai Luscious Curls Conditioner

Hey guys,

Today on LazyBlueSundays I would like to review one hair care product which is my new obssesion in daily hair care routine. I saw it when the last time I stepped by in Sephora and decided to give it a try because have heard girls raving about it already a long time ago.

Fekkai is a brand by Frederic Fekkai, a French hair master stylist, working with many celebrities. His first hair care collection went out in 1995 and now it`s popular and well-selled all around 40 different countries in the world.

So I`ve picked up a conditioner from the "Luscious curls" line which is basically made for girls with natural curly hair, which I have. As it is saying in the descrition - the product is supposed to detangle frizzly hair, give them a defined smooth look, hydrate the hair and save from frizzing during the whole day. Also, it contains a honey nectar and ginseng which I personally couldn`t smell but expecting that thay are working on my hair invisibly. Actually, about the smell I have to note that I am not really liking it and it`s quite annoying for me. Too strong  and reminds a little bit the smell of a loft. Well maybe it`s just me.

Besides the smell, this product is just amazing! I have curly, tangly, dry and frizzy hair, girls with curly hair will understand me. I was quite sceptical about this because for me - all the conditioners more or less are good in the first hours after the washing but during the day they get frizzy and tangly again. Surprisingly, this product is not one of those at all. I am using it almost two weeks now and I can really tell that my hair is keeping in a very good condition during the whole day in terms of getting tangly. Also they are leaving soft and smooth, easy to brush and stays like that all day! So far I am impressed.

My personal rate is 8/10, just because of the smell which I really dislike and also it`s a little bit pricey (in Europe one bottle of 236 ml retails around 22 eur).

How did you like this product? What you guys could  suggest for a tangly hair?

See you, have a good night!


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