My current obsession: Maybelline 24 h Colour Tattoo


Maybelline 24 Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows is not the new thing in the market but I tried them only few months ago. Before starting to review them I want to mark that before reviewing any product I am trying it first for couple of weeks to see how it works in different conditions - time of the day, staying power etc. Also for longer term - how my skin reacts to it, how much product I need to take to get the look and how economic or not the product is. I like talking about the first impression also but I find more important to spend more time and analyze the product completely and give my opinion. That`s why in the pictures the colours are already touched.

I got 4 shades (from left side up): Barely Baked, On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe and Metallic Pomegranate.
In this post I am going to review the first 3 and I will make the new post-comparison between Metallic Pomegranate and Ebloui by Chanel.

Before starting I want to tell that those shadows I am using almost everyday in combination with others I have. They go perfect along with Chanel, Dior, Urban Decay and others. That already gives good points for colour tattoos because means that the quality of them is not disappointing at all comparing to high end brands. I am an absoute eyeshadow lover and always picking them very carefully. Not because that for me eyeshadow is the most important thing in my daily makeup routine but also that I have quite oily eyelids what requires a good staying power and non-creasing.

Here I am adding the pictures:

Barely Branded - a nude champagne colour with some shimmer. It is one of my favourite colours to use as a base. It brightens up the look, the texture is creamy, very easy to use only with a finger. It is from a limited edition so now quite hard to find. Nevertheless this shade is very similar to Barely Beige which came out in 2012 autumn collection. Actually colours are that similar when swatched and it`s hard to tell which one is which. Actually I don`t see the point creating another the same one but oh well maybe for some people they can work differently. Anyway, the colour is hard to get (I found mine on ebay) but absolutely gorgeous and worth to have.

On and On Bronze - cool-toned bronze with an intense gold-like shimmer. I am using it normally to create a night time smokey eye look. The colour is super creamy and easy to build. Sometimes I am using only a little amount, just to create a wash of colour on my lids. The shade is really gorgeous but despite that I fin it a little bit to shimmery for me but just because I prefer more less shimmery colours.

Permanent Taupe - also a cool-toned greyish neutral matte colour. My absolutely favourite one. Great to use with any combination of shadows as a base or just some colour for daily use. Probably the most easiest colour to combine and experiment, good building-up as well. Definetely suitable for all skin tones, all eye colours.

Conclusion: Maybelline 24 h Colour Tattoos come in glass pots, many people are comparing them to MAC paint pots. I have never owned any of paint pots but I tried them at the MAC stores. Actually I holded myself from buying them because I found Colour Tattoos which worked very good on me, so that saves pretty nice amount of money. Of course, the rage of colours is uncomparably limited. The lasting power is very good also - as I said sometimes my eyelids get oily in the end of a day but I`m never using any primer because with just a base shadow works fine. As I said before, sometimes I get my eyelids oily in the end of a day and in those moments Colour Tattoo start a little bit creasing but normally not. I think that girls with oily eyelids should definetely use an eyeshadow primer before applying those shadows.

How do you guys find those eyeshadows to use?

See you!


  1. Very good review. I wasn`t sure if I should buy one because of my oily lids..But you`ve convinced me :) I use an eye primer everytime anyway..:)


    1. Hey!

      Haha, great that it was helpful, I hope they will work for you fine as well!


  2. I have the shade 'Eternal Gold' which I love :) My only problem is that I find them a bit difficult to remove! x


  3. Love all the 3 colors! Now you make me want to buy everyting! Hahaha!Love it! :)

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